Amazing EMMETT Techniques – for the relief of muscular pain and tension

EMMETT is a gentle form of easy muscle management, which can offer pain relief and reduce musculardownload-2-jpg-emm-tech stiffness and tension, by resetting the muscle memory.

A fortnight ago, I pulled a muscle, just by turning sideways, as I bent down. It resulted in a deep pain in my left-side lower back/glutes and rendered me incapable of standing up straight. I searched for solutions unsuccessfully: heat packs, stretches, self-administered massage, some palpation and NMT, a failed attempt to see a GP and pain killers. No relief. The pain was visible in my face. It affected me lying down, standing and walking,  but in particular, when transitioning from sitting to standing and when driving. I spent a full week in this state, struggling on and nearly cancelled a training course. Thank God I did n’t.

I turned up to my Emm-Tech course looking to develop my skills set to help clients, but also, to see if I could find some relief for my present condition. It was amaaaaazing! After a few simple switches to re-set the muscle memory in my hip and thigh area, I could stand fully erect and sit without feeling any pain! I still can’t quite believe it. But all I can say, is, I entered the building like Mrs Overall and left, with the deportment of a ballet dancer! I even went high-kicking to my Body Combat class the next morning, something I’d not been able to do whilst incapacitated.

What I practised and received was gentle finger pressure applied to specific points (Emmett points.) The sequence of muscle activation points used in the Emmett Technique can unlock muscle memory. This activation gives the brain the opportunity to set up a new state of homeostasis and provides an opportunity for re-alignment of the body.
Whilst I am developing my knowledge and skills in these techniques, I am keen to trial them alongside my other therapies, for free. If any clients suffer from: poor balance, swollen ankles, numbness down the side of the leg, hip pain, difficulty bending and straightening the knee, difficulty squatting and walking upstairs, difficulty and tension in lifting the arm, pain down the side of the back, tightness in the chest, difficulty reaching behind, elbow/forearm/wrist weakness or restricted neck rotation, then book in with me for a massage treatment and trial these simple, effective EMMETT techniques.

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