‘Fifteen Minutes With You’… simple ways to maintain balance every day.

As we are approaching the transition from summer to autumn and holiday mode back to work, the focus for September is all about physically and psychologically preparing ourselves for the season ahead. The pace and demands on our time increases, it comes as a shock to the system. You’re all relaxed after a few weeks of pootling along in your flip-flops, where a busy day might involve thinking about booking a hair appointment and baking a cake. Then WHAM! You’re suddenly expected to think about 19 things at once and it’s getting colder and you have n’t got any suitable footwear and you’ve got work targets to set and you never got round to booking that hair appointment and everyone’s eaten the Mega bag of crisps you got for packed lunches, so they’ll just HAVE to eat 3 pieces of fruit instead. So there! And before you know it, the serene, chilled-out you got left behind in August and now you’re operating on six Paracetamol and spite to get you through the day!

Our lives are constantly guided by timetables and lists at work and school, to give us structure and  purpose, yet we might not think to prioritise time for our personal well-being. Everyone can take 15 minutes to themselves EVERY day. Mini respites from busy lives. So, here is my suggestion, decide to claim at least 15 minutes a day just for you and make a timetable of loveliness. Then choose how to spend it. Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Go for a walk outside, preferably near trees.
2.  Spend some time alone, preferably surrounded by nature.
3.  Water your plants.
4.  Stare at the sky.
5.  Give your self a body brush.
6.  Write to someone and tell them Thanks.
7.  Eat an apple. Mindfully.
8.  Read a chapter.
9.  Look at a real painting.
9.  Do a mini facial massage.
10. Listen to Classic FM.
11. Soak your feet.
12. Ring someone you’ve not spoken to in a while and actually talk.
13. Draw something, someone, yourself.
14. Dance to Madonna’s Greatest Hits.
15. Sing along with Barbara Streisand!
And for those of who you who really have n’t got the time, bear these words in mind from Karate master, Hirokazu Kanazawa:

“You should take half an hour each day to sit quietly and appreciate Nature.
Unless you are busy, in which case you should take an hour.”

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