Focus – How to boost your concentration.

Homer - exam are some suggestions for those of you who might be entering a period which requires deep mental focus, whether it be studying for exams, looking to change jobs or completion of a major project. I read once, that ‘Focus is more important than intelligence’. I think there is truth in that. Focus is n’t just about concentrating, it’s about being selective about what you want to concetrate on. For set periods of time, we have to shut out distractions to fully engage and process what we are learning. Time alone well spent. I’m not going to list revision tips. I’m going to share some tips on creating an environment in which to focus.

  1. Put a few drops of Rosemary essential oil on a tissue and sniff at regular intervals to aid concentration. I like it mixed with Lime.
  2. Get your eyes tested. I’ve just got my first pair of reading glasses. And it’s a revelation!
  3. Keep well hydrated. NYR organic have a range of herbal teas that can help if you are bored with water. My favourite is Echinacea Plus.
  4. Spritz your face with White Tea Facial Mist to revive your concentration, when flagging.
  5. Take regular breaks  – 5 minutes every hour.
  6. Get some fresh air. Look up at the sky. Breathe.
  7. Change how you look at the revision topic/exam/job/project. It’s not a hurdle. Imagine it needs your help. Try to understand it … bit by bit. Speak out loud what you think it is saying. By doing this, you will start to process what you are learning and identifying where you are unclear.


Good luck!


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