‘Grow a poem from a poem’

It’s National Poetry Day so I thought I’d write a poem and share it with you.             #NationalPoetryDay #writing

I found this idea off Kate Clanchy who suggested we could ‘Grow a poem’ from another. She recommended ‘I cannot remember my mother’ by Rabindranath Tagore. I read it this morning and it inspired me to write the poem below.Today. Honest.
Why not have a go yourself?

I don’t remember much about you Nicky…

I don’t remember much about you Nicky
But for 3 terms we shared 2 rented houses
When we were learning how to become teachers
I think we answered the same ad looking for room-mates

I don’t remember much but…
On paper we did n’t have anything in common
You a logical Science Grad and me a dreamy English flaneur,
You ’playing the hoover’, to the strains of Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’, whilst
I wrote bad poems to The Smiths

I can’t remember if we cooked together but
I know we did n’t socialise outside.
You had a boyfriend from home, I think
He might have worn an Iron Maiden T shirt, not sure,
‘Another Greb’, I used to joke, polite enough,
Who kept you occupied upstairs at weekends
Whilst I moped in the room below, saving myself for Morrissey.

I don’t remember much Nicky but
In the week we would sometimes share the washing up
Watch the odd Soap and talk about ‘stuff’
Filling in the hours between lesson plans and sleep.

I don’t remember why,
But we had to move out of our massive house before the end of the year
And we threw a party, and people came from miles and trashed it!
We spent all Sunday, putting it right, finding people we did n’t know, asleep in different rooms
We moved slowly, with thick heads and bin bags.

I don’t remember us ever saying goodbye
But we must have done.
Promising each-other we’d keep in touch
Packing our student lives in boxes
Rolled-up posters slung in the back of cars
You laughing and waving
A smile as wide as your face
As you drove away
And I turned inside
Ready to start
Our adult lives.

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