Holistic Facials

Restore Holistic Facials

Using Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic ProductsNatural_Winners_banner[1]

Pearls of the Desert : £45                                                                                                 Anti-aging facial using the Frankincense Intense products from the NYR range to reduce fine wrinkles, rejuvenate and visibly firm the skin.

Turkish Rose : £43                                                                                                         Rehydrating facial for normal / combination skin using the Rose and Wild Rose products from the NYR range. Deeply nourishing, Rose softens, moisturises and enhances your skin’s radiance.

Madagascan Palmerosa : £43                                                                                       Purifying facial for oily and combination skin using the Palmerosa products from the NYR range. Purifying, natural ingredients control sebum where skin is oily, while providing essential hydration where skin is dry.

Soothing White Tea products may be used for sensitive skin.

Clients may order/purchase these NYR Organic products from me to maintain their holistic skincare routine at home.

All holistic facials will last 60 mins and include a:

  • a cleanse/ deep cleanse
  • a gentle polish/ exfoliation
  • a de-stressing face, neck and shoulder massage with an organic essential oil
  • a nourishing face mask and eye treatment
  • tone
  • moisturise
  • Choice of a hand, scalp or foot massage whilst the mask nourishes the skin.


Eastern Natural Facial Lift Treatment

AKA ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. This treatment combines tried and tested techniques using Acupressure, Massage and Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD).Natural Facial Lift treatment It is designed to reduce muscular tension in the face and jaw, release expression lines and wrinkles whilst draining away excess tissue fluid, thus achieving a noticeably fresher and more youthful appearance of the skin – Every Time! As well as firming, toning and lifting the skin and muscles, it reduces bags under the eyes, making eyes appear brighter. Plus the effects on the nervous system make it one of the most relaxing treatments available. Perfect for helping to relieve stress, tension, insomnia, headaches and anxiety. The face is cleansed and toned before the massage. 

  40 mins  – £25             Combined with one of the Holistic Facials  = 75 mins – £50 


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