Holistic Spa Body Treatments

Spa Body Treatments Using Neal’s Yard Remediesnyr-organic-logo

The Goddess! £60                                                                                                          

A luxury Facial and Bacial Treatment. Using a blend of Frankincese, Neroli and Mandarin NYR Organic products, this treatment includes a back scrub and massage, followed by a full facial to cleanser and rejuvinate the skin, including; a deep cleanse, polish, massage, mask, tone and mositurise. Enjoy a complementary scalp or foot massage as the mask works its wonders! 90mins 

Back to Life £30                                                                                                                                   A truly stimulating aromatic bacial (backfacial) including an invigorating back scrub, back massage with blended aromatherapy oils and a mask or body butter application. Enjoy a scalp or foot massage as the skin is nourished. 45 mins

The Beyoncé Thigh Blitz! £25                                                                                                          A de-toxifying and firming treatment for the hip and thighs. Good for blasting cellulite and improving the circulation and texture of the skin. Involves dry body brushing, sea-weed scrub, stimulating massage with chosen essential oil and firming body cream.30 mins

The Cleopatra! £50                                                                                                                          Top to toe heavenly whole body treatment. Involves dry skin brushing, a deeply soothing rose or jasmine essential oil massage and application of a body mask. The client is then wrapped in foil and towels and left to relax in a cocoon of comfort for 15 minutes. Enjoy a foot or scalp massage while the body is nourished. 75 mins


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