‘And miles to go before I sleep’ – Tips for a restful night.

Did you know that Friday 17th March is World Sleep Day? ( Psst, did anyone tell them it’s St Patrick’s Day too???) Anyway, there are lots of sleep awareness events going on in March. Apparently, March is National Bed Month too! Having suffered a couple of consecutive sleepless nights recently, it has made me review my bedtime habits. We can probably cope with the occasional restless night, but if you are frequently having interrupted sleep or none at all, there are serious, long-term risks to your health. See below.


Here is a link to some useful tips to promote a good night’s rest. Some may be obvious, but it’s always good to remind ourselves.

My own tips:

  1. Relaxing bath.
  2. Gentle stretching and deep breathing for a few minutes.
  3. Making a list of what’s on my mind.
  4. A few drops of Lavendar Essential Oil on a tissue, under the pillow.
  5. Bed socks, when it’s cold!

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