Pet Therapy … learn how to live like a dog

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Is there anything more joyful than playing chase with your dog? Or more restful than than having them slumber, like a furry hot- water bottle across your lap in the evening?  You could have the worst day at work, feel fed up with your family or stressed at your spare tyre, but your dog will always lift your spirits. Here are a few reasons why they are good for our health:

  1. Walking the dog is the best kind of quality time. Less damaging than drinking wine and scoffing chocolate, they get you out, in all weathers, pacing the streets, breathing in the fresh air and away from our gadgets.
  2. Dog are social magnets.They help us connect with others we would never otherwise talk to.
  3. They have a positive impact on our mood and lower our blood pressure (unless they snaffle your husband’s Sunday dinner, when he’s not looking and then THAT is very stressful.)
  4. They encourage us to show kindness, care and affection.
  5. They are brilliant at listening to our darkest secrets. And they never tell!
  6. They leave you less pre-occupied with everyday worries.
  7. They show us how to appreciate the simple things in life … eating, walking and enjoying a stroke. Dogs love a massage!

If you want to learn how to relax and don’t own a dog, get to know someone who has… and learn to live like a dog.

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