Run For Your Life!

I’ve taken up running. At my time of life. I know! I love exercise, but since my teens, I’ve always preferred team games or exercise classes: aerobics, Body Combat and Zumba. Whenever I’ve tried running in the past, it was usually short-lived because:

  1. It was boring doing the same thing over and over again.
  2. I started too hard/fast and made myself so stiff the following day that I could barely roll out of bed, never mind bend over to tie up my trainers!
  3. I had no plan or way to to see if I was improving.

However, I recently discovered ‘C25K’ aka ‘From Couch to 5K’, thanks to a friend of mine, who 13781694_10154355325964467_7695384430197281394_nhas just completed it. It’s a 9 week step-by-step running programme by the NHS and I’ve just completed Week 2. For the first time ever, this feels different to me. I like the small stepped approach so I don’t frighten my body into shock. I like the way my legs are feeling stronger already. I like the way I am steadily building up my bouts of running each week. I like the way I feel during the rest of the day. I like the way the woman on my earphones coaches me on, as if she is my own traing buddy. I like the meditative quality of doing something repetitively straightforward in the open air. I really look forward to the runs. I am determined to see this through. People keep telling me I’m looking really well, radiant even. But that could just be down to the hot flushes!

Anyway, if you are interested in doing this, then check out the link here. You can find out more and download the app to your phone. Good luck!


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