Holistic Massage Treatments

 Holistic Massage Treatments

Head, shoulders, knees and toes: £40                                                                                    An invigorating Swedish Body Massage. Great for improving circulation and releasing toxins and tension in the muscles. 60 mins.                                                                                       (A 30 min back massage is available for £28)

Into The Deep: £40                                                                                                         Deeper than the Swedish massage. Deep Tissue Massage is an effective way to treat muscle related pain as it uses a firmer pressure, passive stretching and trigger point therapy which is designed to release tight layers of muscle and soft tissue. May help with:- • Muscle related lower back pain • Shoulder and Neck Pain • Tension headaches and Migraines • Sports Injury & Recovery • Calf and Achilles Pain • Posture Improvement • Restoring overworked and stressed bodies      60mins

Heaven Scent: £45                                                                                                                  A delightfully soothing aromatherapy body massage and holistic facial massage with your chosen essential oils. Great for lifting the spirits/calming an over-anxious mind and relaxing/energising the body. After consultation we will select your chosen blend from a range of organic oils. 60 mins

Distant Shores: £45                                                                                                                 A wonderfully relaxing Hot Stone massage for the whole body and face. Volcanic stones are heated and used in combination with massage. The heat and sensation of the stones enables greater pressure to soothe away aches and pains. Very warming in the autumn/winter months.    60 mins

Head in the Clouds: £40                                                                                                      Ease away tension in the scalp, neck, shoulders, face and upper back with a relaxing Indian Head massage. Perfect for when feeling tense, anxious or prone to headaches. Start in the seat with an upper back, shoulder and scalp massage then move to the couch for a soothing facial massage.  60 mins








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